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I hope this comes across well, I made this recording about 27 years ago just to see if it really worked,,,,and it did,,wow,,,,the house I was living in was only abut 800 square feet 2 very small bed rooms, and I was home sick that day from work, there was about 4 inches of ice on the street out front and about 11 inches of snow, with not so much as one foot print any where around the house, but the drive way on the other side of the house had been cleared of snow, and I was the only one home at the time so I could see if anyone walked from that side of the house to the front of the bed room. I was the only one there the whole time.

Click girls cry to download a full verion. This one here is formated as a wav but has had major filters put to it to bring out the voise.
Girls Cry

Click girls cry here to download a full verion of the EVP in MP3 format, No filters have been put on this EVP.
Girls Cry

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This is a picture of Stonehenge in Orgeon it is a memoral to Vietnam Veterans

Off to the left is the brige at Biggs [They must of had high hopes, because there is only like 4 or 5 houses there, LOL] over the Columbia River. Here we are on the Washington side of the river

Here we are on the Washington side of the Columbia River, and I think this gives a good idea as to how large the river is, if you'll look at the tug and barge over a mile away from us, you can see the houses and barns just off the river.