What to look for to find a star like UFO

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Hello: Welcome everyone, I have made this webpage to help some people who are insterested in seeing star like ufo's in the sky.

However it is a good thing to know what your looking for.

First a person must know the differnt kinds of orbits such as Geosynchronous Earth Orbit or (GEO).
Next: A person needs to know the differnt kinds of things that are flying in the sky's on a daily basis. Since Star like UFO means that they look like a star and are seen mostly at night. But unlike a star they are moving and you must know the differnce between that and a air plane. The most common mistake people make is when they see landing lights, because they can look as though they are not moving and can stay in one place for sometime.Since landing lights are so very bright they can be seen for miles. The reason for this is the airplane is coming almost straight at you, and can stay what looks like at one point for several minuets. But once you see this affect and know it for what it is you will never be fooled by it again.

Safety Note:
If you are driving your car, be sure to pull over and stop, as looking for anything in the sky can take some time.

Now once a person can explain away most of the things in the sky (and this will take time in doing so, I have been doing this for over 40 years), smiles,,,,I look up alot. You need to know what you are looking for since star like ufo's look like stars but are moving. And you must know which direction the space shuttle and station are traveling. If they are seen in your sky they travel from West to East, so they can be ruled out and there are one or two satelites that travel on a polar orbit, one I have seen one from north to south,,,and the other is south to north so they can be ruled out also.
Anything else that remains could very well by a star like UFO. Most appear just a few degrees above the horizon and will disapear just about the same way, some may only be seen straight up and will be seen only for a few seconds. The only reason you can see them at all is because of the sun reflecking off the hull the same as the space station or the shuttle. Also if you look long and hard enough you will even see some of them turn and change direction befor they disapear.
To see what the shuttle and space station look like from the ground go to my link and see the short viedo, the bright one in the lead is the station. They look like a star like craft, but much brighter. There is one other way to see star like ufo's sometimes they are very very bright like a landing light,,,but only remain bright for a few seconds and then move off,,,,and disapear. I have watch long enough that at one time I saw two of them cross paths.
Well I hope this is helpful and maybe I have given you a little information. It's not 100% but what is? Maybe this will give some people a little idea as to what to look for and how.